Paper surrounds us yet rarely do we see it, so absorbed are we in what appears on its surface. Literature, poetry, painting, photography; information of all kinds demands our attention. Paper, the silent, tireless bearer of these riches, often goes unnoticed.

But when we consider paper itself, a self-contained world of light, shadow, line, plane and coutour reveals itself. An architecture emerges with its own form, space and ambience. The neglected sheets become a subject full of beauty and depth worthy of exploration.

Carta consists of four distinct studies of the sublime qualities of paper. Click on one of the links below to visit a Carta series.

Carta I presents the sensuous nature of paper's curves and folds.
Carta II relies on thin strips of paper and light to create neon light, art deco-like designs.
Carta III evokes memories of the stark silhouettes of the photogram.
Carta IV focuses on the movement of paper through the landscape of time and space.