Glass is one of those materials we are surrounded by but often do not see. In fact, one of it's essential qualities is transparency, so there is reason behind our inattention. Objects hiding in plain sight like this often can surprise us when made the object of scrutiny - in the case of glass, something seen, not just seen through.

After many years of framing art, handling and cutting glass has become a familiar activity, one which has heightened my awareness of the physical qualities of glass. In my world glass is a simple thing - clear, thin, flat-surfaced sheets that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The uncomplicated nature of this material belies a rich trove of subtle and complex possibilities that can be revealed by our curiosity.

One such instance is that of the intimate and unique relationship of glass with light, the element at the heart of all photography. Glass transmits, reflects and refracts light, allowing light to dance for us in ways it could not do on its own. This symbiotic pairing presents us with a profusion of unexpected form, design and luminous effect.

In Vitrum, I explore this charming pas de deux between glass and light in which each partner takes its turn surprising and delighting the viewer.