For some time now I have been exploring ways to create something of beauty using the simplest means and elements. The beauty that comes from economy rather than excess has a calming effect. It seems to invite us to consider how necessary the complexities in our own lives really are, a contemplation that may result in a moment of personal tranquility.

Foregoing color and relying only on primitive light, line and shape, each image must depict a sense of harmony of these three principles to rise above the mundane and encourage a state of stillness.

Each image is created, not found, so my intention is always manifest and personal. It comes from my own internal sense of proportion and balance and is the most direct way I know of to communicate my inner state to others.

This series, which I call Carta Variations, is the latest evolution in my studies of simple beauty. These images are an outgrowth of my previous work with paper in the Carta series - I have added other materials such as three dimensional objects and mylar.