Early 20th century anthropologists coined the term liminal (from the Latin root limen, or threshold). It represents an individual's frame of mind while in transition from one state of consciousness to another. Because the familiar is being left behind and the new has not yet become familiar, the liminal state can be disorienting and even disturbing. It is a dreamlike in-between place, neither here nor there.

We experience the liminal often in our lives through ritual, dreams, psychological change and the interplay between our conscious and unconscious minds.

Liminal Travels consists of a set of handmade postcards, the iconic symbol of travel. Travel is our metaphor for the journey from the old to a new state of consciousness. As viewers turn the cards over, moving from the vernacular handwritten greeting on the back to the photograph on the front, they cross the threshold from the everyday to the liminal world.

The crossing may seem at the same time to be familiar yet just beyond understanding

Liminal Travels is available as a handmade boxed set. For more information click here.